Epiphanies In Drag

My first landscape painting. San Jose, CA. So fun to paint outside.
Mar 16

My first landscape painting. San Jose, CA. So fun to paint outside.

Esta Noche has been priced out of SF. The most debaucherous gay latin nightclub in America has been priced out for some dumbass bottle service club shit. If there is a tipping point to Gentrification in San Francisco this is it.

Lo siento gueyes.. Que fucking lastima:(

Gentrification in SF is a venomous plague! It is a ravenous, unmerciful plague that eats up decades old establishments and replaces them with bland, soulless chain stores. Both NYC and SF are sewn up shut. Rich white women and stuffied shirted white power player men have institutionalized their bland tastes and sanitary ideas into the cultural capitals of America. They have displaced the working class, the Artists and the Main Streets in under a decade.

It sucks. The last time we were on Mission we stood at 18th with our jaws hanging open shocked as scores of Facebook employees flocked the Saturday night streets. We couldn’t even buy a strait shooter in the pipe shop or find a solid rock to smoke. Maybe that is a good thing and unfortunately we did find some later and I hate that shit so much.

It is over. Goodbye San Francisco.  Im so glad I was able to enjoy the City before it changed. I will always have fond memories and amazing stories of those streets. Only Tony Bennett could write a song to Eulogize the loss of San Francisco to heartless computer worshipers.

The hills of San Francisco were beautiful before man and they will be strangely beautiful after man..

Goodbye San Francisco.. Take those flowers out of your hair..

Mar 16
Adios Esta Noche. San Francisco renamed Facebook Town.
Fuckin Amateur Hours..
Mar 2

Fuckin Amateur Hours..

I’m watching a documentary about the building of One World Trade Center in New York. I get to thinking that if people are willing to go to such unimaginably fucking laborious feats to build a tower of world commerce (or whatever they do there), cant they put equally that much effort into restoring the very world environment they are haphazardly destroying?

The reason why. Because only the tower can make money. That non potable nutrient-less paper they love.

Feb 26
Shippa Fools
Feb 14

My beloveds are a few months early this year. California state flower. It’s not Spring but they don’t know that. They think it is Spring because there is no winter this year.

Nothing is new now. No Arts will be new. New technology will be new in the sense that instead of being invented to mass produce it will be invented to clean up what mass production has ruined. The only thing new will be downsizing. It will be new to say “No”. It will be new to stop doing things. It will be new to suppress romance. It is over, the artistic climate is Icee because humans have wrecked the earth. The pure rules of Karma dictate the suppression of any extravagance. There will be blockbusters about the apocalypse and books, but those will be the last creative endeavors prior to the calm before the storm.

Feb 11
Drunks are always Prophetic..
What do you carry in your brown paper bags? Me? Modelo.. Here I am Just out for a stroll. What a bad morning.
Jan 30

What do you carry in your brown paper bags? Me? Modelo.. Here I am Just out for a stroll. What a bad morning.

I think the reason why my fellow americans look so pathetic and foolish is because they are choosing to remain sheep like in a time when they need to be educating themselves and taking critical action to correct the imbalances and pollutants which plague their environments and society.

I can surely say that these glowing tablet screens are much to blame. People can either use media to learn or to be entertained, and we all know how americans like to get down. Glowing screens lull them into a state of mindlessness . If you looked at the brain activity of a middle aged human watching a TV show it would probably be the equivalent of an infant sucking its mothers breasts and twirling her hair.

Things are fixing to get very fast and ugly.

I think it feels much the same as the French Revolution must have felt like. But this time the poor are too busy watching people falling down stairs on Youtube.

Jan 28
No Revolution this Time:(
Jan 20

Christmas in January. Santa came by and put the fire out with his tears. Is it wrong that we brought out an infant at 1am to burn down his Christmas tree?

The more you fight against the tragic feeling and nature of life, the stronger it grows in you. It will not be ignored. It is beautiful and surreal when digested properly. It can even feel blissful. Life is like a Drug. In the beginning it is beautiful and dreamy, a youthful optimism which fades. As you age, the world reconfigures itself as a colder, more serious landscape. Tragic and beautiful, diamond like when you see the miracle of existence and think one day you will have to lose it all.

I think life is just a fluctuating rollercoaster of human emotion and discovery. A varying sensation from minute to minute. Added to or subtracted from by the many choices you make. Someday it will break into a vivid dreamlike eternity of unimaginable scope and ecstasy. Or not. But it will end. Its ending all over the place.

I feel guilty for writing all this.

I think you were just lonely God, so you created a lifeforce which can and surely will love you back. As I have known loneliness you too must have known it tenfold. I’m glad I’m alive but sometimes the world is just too fucked up. I hope all those who have suffered did not suffer in vain.

You created the world like humans adopt cats. Its all relative. Everything needs love. Even you God. Psychologists say a time comes when a child sees their father as weak, or something like that. I see you as human.

Jan 16